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January 2012



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I am so. Flippin. Jealous. Of the snow people. Say "you can have it" all you want, it doesn't make me want it any less. It's just been raining since September and I've decided I hate this place so much purely because of the weather.

So today I saw a for real car chase. I was at a red light near an off ramp and suddenly I saw four cop cars come flying off the highway, driving really weird, as though they were trying to plow right through traffic, instead of getting into the clear oncoming lane (in front of me, since I was frozen.) And as the other side parts like the red sea, I see this white SUV with a trashed front end weaving around, trying to get up to speed again. And I see the four cops trying to surround him or cut him off, and all I'm thinking is how easily he could just plow into me for no good reason. It's funny how comfortable we've become in those four wheeled death machines, because very suddenly that double yellow line didn't seem to mean much anymore.

Oh heh, and the best part. I called my dad, because that's always a fun thing to do after a near death situation. Here's a brief summary of how it went:

"Whoawhoawhoa what happened?"
"So wait, what happened to the car?"
"I thought you said the car died."
"No, *I* almost died."
"Oh! Phew! I thought you said the car died!"

I still think it's funny. And now I'm watching Best in Show because Catherine O'Hara is the funniest person in the world.


We went for a walk today and found people sledding by the Capitol. :-)

It is unbelievable how that stuff has hit the east coast. We had one week of "freezing" weather. ONE WEEK. I've been wearing a fleece instead of a jacket. A very wet fleece, but I'm proving a point here. It's not winter.
Oh wow, that sounds very scary. *hugs*. I'm glad it was all ok. But yeah, your dad's comment totally cracked me up. It's like, he knew you were safe but omgthecar!

And I am very jealous of the snow too :-( We could be out there making snow angels Phlabanana! All it does is storm here. Boo!
Holy crap, how will we ever replace a 92 toyota? It is PRICELESS. He was seriously relieved. Screwball.
I'm glad you didn't die Phla! (and the car too)

Believe me, if I could send you some of this snow I would. :-)
You know, you have some serious teasing potential with this! "Hey Dad! Remember the time you happy that I almost died instead of the car?"

And a white SUV?! Seriously?! How very OJ! I'm very relieved the driver didn't include you in his demolition derby!

Oh, and I nearly forgot to add... Your President Bartlet vogue-ing just makes my day! :-D

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Men OMG NoClue.